Garden of Eden or my own little version

We (as in B and I. No I am not lying! We both really want this. And when I say both I don’t mean it in the sense that we both wanted me to get those adorable scarves at T.J.Maxx. You get the picture) want a garden. Yes, we are pretty into fresh and personally grown food. Unfortunately, we were not able to do our garden last spring because B’s knee injury.

But that hasn’t dampened our dream in the least. In fact, we are so into creating our own garden we went to a gardening class last night. Yeah, and again, we both went. That’s how exciting this project is for us. Our local Cornell Cooperative Extension is offering three classes, once a month from now through April. Each class focuses on the next stage you should be at with your gardening. And get this. It’s only $5 bucks a class! What a deal!

Our first class was all about seeds. How to choose containers to start seeds. How to transplant to bigger containers, etc. It was really informative. And as a bonus, it turned out that B had built the Master Gardener’s home on the Sacandaga Lake. So we have an in for any gardening questions we may encounter this spring. Small world!

Besides the nutritional and economic benefit of growing some of your own fruits, veggies and herbs we are motivated by a higher force.


Yup. Cuteness is really helping to drive me into the gardening world.

This garden at the Blue Mountain Lake Museum aka the Adirondack Museum was a big inspiration for us to dive into the green growing movement.

Isn’t it just the cutest thing?

As is true of all our projects, I am sure our own garden will be a “go big or go home” journey. Being at the beginning stages of this brave, new world, we are doing lots of research. I came across this post today off of Pioneer Woman. It is an incredible step by step tutorial (with tons of pics) on how to build your own raised beds. Pretty cool.

Keep tuned in as we move forward with our little garden plans! Till next time!

Same Bat time. Same Bat Channel.


P.S. if you are looking to buy me a gift, I am really wanting Pioneer Woman’s Cook Book. Just sayin’ 🙂



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