Obviously you didn’t take me seriously

I refer you back to my previous post. Today weather is hating pretty hard on the Northeast. AGAIN. And it is ruining all my awesome plans for the day!

I am done with this …

(okay, so this isn’t an actual picture from where I live, but I feel like it could be! Roll with me people. I am not dignifying old man winter with getting up and taking an actual picture of his current nonsense. Yeah, we’re that much not friends.)

Now this is what I am waiting for…

(Okay, again I know. Not my rural area of the world, Jeeze, I get it! But this little scene from Australia is pretty darn close to an Adirondack getaway day. Plus, who doesn’t love Australia? Are you seeing the sunshine?)

Here I am again. Begging. Groveling. Wishing.

“Make the bad man stop!”



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