Umm, we stopped valuing this because?

I keep coming back to this, I know. Really though, how awfully useful is this discipline!

The more I read and dive into the world of Home Economics the more I am convinced that it needs to make a come back. Badly!

As a society we would benefit so greatly with health, nutrition, parenting and personal finances as part of our children’s education. And I mean as a PART of it! Not a piddly little baking course in middle school, but a real, focused part of a child’s education from elementary to high school.

Working in Adult Education, I see first hand the damage underdeveloped and unguided skills in home and family management have on parents, children and community. For the last forty plus years we have moved away from valuing the work of making a home. It is seen as a less-than priority when comes to educating our children. Yet the costs of de-valuing such a basic and fundamental set of skills for life success has had and will continue to produce societal problems such as debt and obesity.

Movements in the organic arena have helped to peak the interest of many into learning more about food, fabrics and home building materials. It seems as though “green”, “organic”, “vegetarian” are more recent, trendy and modern developments. But in reality they are throw backs to concepts well developed and honed by previous generations, ha!

What’s old is new again!

Let’s make a move to help foster Home Economic programs in our schools. Check out this article from the Washington Post, about an editorial in the American Medical Association titled, “Bring Back Home Economics Education.”

Dollars and sense 😉



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