Make the Bad Man Stop!

Winter and I. We are OVER! Make it stop, please!

I can’t go on. The winter blues are kicked into high gear today as I was trapped indoors by gusting wind and below freezing temperatures. Day one of my winter vacation was suppose to be spent returning library books, grocery shopping and picking up paint!

BTW thanks for all the assistance on choosing pumpkin versus white! I am happy to announce that we will be going white. Greek Villa from Sherwin Williams to be exact. I think having a clean and neutral slate may be the ticket for this upcoming season. It gives me many decorating options! And when the mood strikes it will be easier to paint white to pumpkin than pumpkin to white.

Anyways, getting back to the story at hand…

Winter has prevented me from following my Saturday dreams. It leaves me sad, tired and BORED!

You don’t believe me! This is what I have staring back at me in the mirror right now.

This is a combination of stircrazyandIjustcan’ttakesittingaroundinthesamespaceanymorefortherestofeternity!

LD can not be indoors ANYMORE! Day one of vacation and I am already done with “relaxing.” Hopefully the rest of the week will have improved weather, because this aggression will not stand (Big Lebowski people. I beg of you. It is a classic.)

So, please, who do we have to talk to end this winter nonsense? I am not above groveling for spring at this point.

Feet kisses and eternal curtsies



2 thoughts on “Make the Bad Man Stop!

  1. Simple solution my friend…..JUST GO TO WORK LIKE THE REST OF US!!! Winter vacation, plu eeeeeses! Who do you think you are? A college kid? Jeeze. All of the rest of us adults are working. Seriously, pull up your big girl panties and stop whining! 🙂 (the preceeding reply was sent with love -Love you) Can’t wait to see you today!

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