Pumpkin or White? I can’t decide!

Alright peeps. Winter break is almost upon us and I am itching to get a project accomplished!

Originally I have imagined painting my dining room a lovely, rusty shade of orange. Perhaps you remember my inspirations?

Here is a quick reminder, in case you forgot…

But now. Now I have been swooning over some neutral rooms. They are pulling me in!

What to do? Thoughts?

Paint and Fabric



2 thoughts on “Pumpkin or White? I can’t decide!

  1. Hey Girl:
    OK, the pumpkin is lovely and will go with your current color pallet but just remember, that in your inspiration pic there is alot of white trim, etc which you don’t currently have. This white is what keeps everything from getting too dark. Spring is coming which is why I think you are drawn to the neutrals – which are lovely, I agree. Just keep in mind the change in seasons. Will you want the neutrals in fall and winter?? I like the neutrals because you can change the look and feel of the room by changing accessories that are appropriate for the season, easier and cheaper to do. Hope this helps.

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