A day of change

Remember how I told you that I was feeling idle? And how I hate feeling idle? Well, my pent up energy was channeled out today. I was able to release all that wheel spinning into pure velocity this Sunday with my idea to re-arrange the kitchen cabinets.

Then that idea grew to getting rid of a kitchen hutch and finding ways to re-organize all the hutch gear into the rest of the kitchen. Which spurred me on to posting the hutch on Craigslist and search for a new and improved piece of something for the kitchen.

Which got me thinking about how much I hate my dinning room.

That lead to me re-arranging everything in the dinning room and living room until I was halted. By the PIANO!

Mind you, I love this piano. I was able to move solid oak bookcases, tables and china cabinets alone but then. Then, I was defeated by the thing I love most. Needless to say P and I aren’t chatting right now.

BTW, B was not home today. In fact he still isn’t. Normally when I pull stunts like this everything is put in place and he is pleasantly surprised. Today however is different. Today I’ll have to ask for help to finish my too ambitious day.

Blood, sweat and tears



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