Snow days are…

Lazy. Filled with pajamas, sleeping dogs and comfy blankets. They are also getting to be a little boring! 3 snow days in 3 weeks. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I can’t be this lazy this frequently!


Being a native Northerner I never think of snow as a sparkle event of awesomeness.

It always appears more menacing…

Maybe that’s too menacing. hmmmm. More like

Snow is like the Abominable! A doofy mess that just doesn’t know the destruction it does! For me today, that particular destruction involves the smashing of a dream, of attaining store bought cake!

Damn you snow! Have you no shame?? No dignity?? Oh, wait. Yeah, that would be me.

So here I sit in my robe, watching horrible daytime television waiting for some chocolate cake to instantly appear. I know it’s sad, but really, you are probably doing the same thing!

Snow sparkles and chocolate cake wishes!



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