Sewing machine one, man zero and board to come. Allegedly.

Where’s the picture? pshhhhhh, puh-leaze! AS IF!

Can we just talk about how difficult STRAIGHT lines are? How about 6 foot straight lines!

Aside from the fact that I will never ever, neva eva, show you a close up of the hem of the curtain. I have not posted a picture of the new kitchen curtain because…it ain’t ready! Total Truth.

And why is it not ready?

Because when you marry a carpenter, you are always the last on the list.

“Sure honey, don’t buy that piece of wood! We have so much here, I’ll just rip you one out of a board laying around the garage!”

(L all smiley faces) “Awesome! You gonna do it today?” (That would be yesterday. Also known as Sunday)

“Yup, I’m gonna just eat some dinner first…”

And that ladies and gentlemen is where it always goes wrong for the Boondock Mrs. I am told, with special emphasis, that it will be done today. That would be after he builds the world and then comes home and I leave for work.

What are the chances?

So until then, here is a far away shot of the curtain…

Yeah. Thumbnail size print on purpose! Trust me, it’s for the best!

Love and hope!



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