Idle hands are the Devil’s handy work, oh, the trouble you’ll get into…

Mid-Winter uck has descended over me. I am feeling idle. I hate feeling idle. I like feeling idol but not idle. Clearly by that last string of sentences you can tell I am bored.

To try and cheer up this dismal pack of winter uck I have decided to take on a sewing project-ish. In truth I am wanting to repaint my kitchen cabinets and put on some new counter tops. But the carpenter in the family thinks that our talents and money would be better spent elsewhere. Frown face. But I am putting on the big girl panties and have realized that it is true. We do have other things to fix and finish. Sigh. Being responsible is no fun.

So, I have decided to amuse myself with a little, itsy-bitsy, tini-tiny curtain endeavor. While feeding my kitchen update lust I was doing a little research on the favorite Centsational Girl blog. There, among all the kitchen cabinet repainting advice a carpenter’s wife could want, I found a little curtain project to ease to disappointment. (P.S. I also found a little info that makes me want to take on the carpenter and do it myself, but hey, I’m not bitter. Just terrible motivated. Watch out February break! Big things could be coming your way. Shhhh!)

My inspiration, courtesy of that awesome DIY Centsational Girl! If only I could be so cool.

valance final_thumb[3]

Tomorrow I will be off to JoAnn’s. Armed with my coupons and ready to do battle with the fierce and fabulous sewing machine, I will nail this curtain project and ease this idle feeling!

Wish luck and patience! I need them both!



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