Lucky Chips

I’m only able to carve out a minute here to chat. But I just had to say that I am loving my House Frau hubby for sure! He had today off and spent the whole day home, snuggling with our dog. Jealous was I since I have been out of the house since 7 am and am only home for quick hours before I’m back out the door to work tonight. Not just my day but even my sentences are run ons! Sometimes it’s just the way my job goes. Being starved, tired and frazzled my awesome better half made me homemade Alfredo and then. Then my friends as slipped into a post cheese coma he came in with…homemade chocolate chip cookie batter on a spoon!!!!

Yes! It is true! I could not believe my freakin’ luck!!! Just the pick me up I needed. Maybe I will have to keep this House Frau around 😉

Love and chocolate chip snuggles to all.



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