Was it so wrong? Can’t we go back just a little? A smidgen?

Okay, Okay I know. But seriously, was it so wrong?

I mean look at this! I am drooling! Was it so bad to have to get dressed everyday? Do your hair, put on make up and take pride in your appearance? Compared to the skankarellas like B. Spears, Paris Hilton and every reality star on TV this seems like a much better option for everyone, no?

Obviously, I am a fan of Mad Men. The clothing, the order, the non-stop drinking! It’s like watching the Twilight Zone!

The most interesting part of the show, for me though, is watching the breakdown of our society year by year. Values, structure and responsibility were stripped away from the social conscience one by one, all in the name of independence, choice and free will. I’m not saying the first part of the twentieth century was idyllic. It was certainly challenging, especially for women and minorities. Sometimes, however, I wonder…was it all so wrong? Weren’t there some good things happening?

What has our world seen post-1960’s? Civil rights, female empowerment, all excellent strides that were long over due. But it’s also seen self-indulgence, moral abandonment, the breakdown of personal and societal responsibility. Today we gush over celeb-u-tards, we simultaneously hide from and seek superficial human interaction with a multitude of electronic devices, eat genetically altered food and throw away anything for any reason. More and more we are loosing touch with real life. We want to simulate life and not take responsibility for it. Culturally we feel entitled to everything! 

Men and women in the early twentieth century understood sacrifice. Personal sacrifice for family, honor and nation.

Was it hard? Absolutely. Was it uncomfortable? No doubt. Was there some joy in that? Some satisfaction in doing the right thing? I think so. And that is what I look back to and wish we had. The cultural wherewithal to get out from behind the curtain and do something! Working hard with our hands and enjoying the simple things. Taking pride in what we have and not always looking for something better. Treating others and ourselves with respect. Is it so hard? Can we do it? Is it too late? Or will we all be Snookies someday?

Bless her heart she is just so…Nope. there is nothing.




3 thoughts on “Was it so wrong? Can’t we go back just a little? A smidgen?

  1. Oh i hope we dont all become like snookie! i like watching her but that would be a mess! wow i wish it was back in the 60’s that would be kinda cool except for the women having not very many rights thing, and im black so it probz would have been different for me.

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