I couldn’t agree more

We’ve had these discussions. I know we have. I also know that you have thought this to yourself many a time. It is so nice to have someone articulate it so well. Thank you CloverLane!!!

“I think that our job gradually changes as they grow from children to pre-teens to teenagers, from making their life as easy and comfortable and “right” as possible, to making it as difficult as real life can be.

Difficult as in snow shoveling.
Difficult as in piano practicing (or any practicing) for one more hour than you really want to.
Difficult as in working hard for most if not all of their wants and certainly some of their needs.
Difficult as in you will have to tolerate the crabby teacher all year, I won’t jump in and save you.
Difficult as in if you forgot your coat twice, looks like you might remember it only when you are cold enough.
Difficult as in “take the bus”.
Difficult as in as hard as it is, I will let you make that mistake, forget that homework, or feel that pain.  I will stand back and watch you become frustrated, tired, sorry, or sad. and not rescue you.”

Check out the rest of here post here!

Absolute Brilliance! Thank you Friend, Thank you!!



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