Dudes. You need to put on your friend-hat. Major. No judges, OK?

Ok. How do I even say this.

I love peaches. Tasty, yummy, fruity goodness. Nothing is better than making an Aretha Franklin peach cobbler and consuming it with some vanilla ice cream. This was not however a time that I wanted to have me some peach.

This was a time that I was looking for gold. Maybe amber is the better descriptor. I was looking for warm, fall-feeling type of color. A honey maybe?

Faced with the challenge of painting the sad little dresser from Union street, I went to the paint store with autumn on my mind.

This sad sap was about to be re-introduced into furniture society. I had the whole thing planned! Announcements, caterers, florists, the whole nine-yards! All we needed was a fresh and updated look!

Ok. Here is the part where you don’t judge. Where you put up the front that this is beautiful and all that we imagined…

Now. I ask you. How is Spun Gold, peach! Not only peach but PEACH!!! Yeah, precisely!

Nevermind the fact that I sprayed the handles a dark brown that now gives the whole dresser a Halloween experience!

Well, there is no break till February, so change is not on the immediate horizon. So I am living with the Halloween Peach until further notice. Actually, after almost a week, it’s kinda growing on me. Sorta like a peach on a tree 🙂



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