Space. The final frontier.

Hehhe. But seriously, doesn’t it feel like we should be in a world with flying cars by now?

Moving on.

Here we are. The year is 2011. What will be different this year? What will stay the same? And what will absolutely rock our world? So much and so little happen in the space of a year. Are we on the precipice of some disaster or the brink of absolute brilliant times? In only 365 days, we shall know…

In honor of our horizon I am feeling a little cosmic. Thinking thoughts large and small. So here are some Cheese-Lousie answers to some basic fill-in-the-blanks.

1. I wish that I would hurry up and win the lotto already! I have so many awesome things to do and all I need is funding. For instance, while on break this week, I found out that I would be and love to be an amazing housewife. All I need is funding!!!

2. Yesterday I had a thrilling match of the minds playing Scrabble and hanging with some pretty sweet friends.

3. Today I will finish painting my husband’s dresser. That and maybe eating some garlic-Parmesan chicken wings. Clearly I have goals!

4. Tomorrow I will be all that I can be in the Army.

5. Maybe I should have bought those Red Shoes? Yeah, I see that now. Damn my sensible fiscal sense!!

6. Someday I will see Italy, make the perfect Cheesecake and read Gone with the Wind.

7. I love that life has endless possibilities. No matter what we plan, what we dream or what is thrown in our way…Tomorrow really is another day!



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