Merry Christmas!

Hola and Happy Holidays!

Here we go peeps! Let the madness begin!

Actually, this year will be pretty blissful! No real rushing over here in the Boondocks. We are taking it easy! So my sympathy to those who have to hustle. At times like these I am loving the slower life in here in the ‘Docks!

I will be getting lots of this the next few days!! Awe, don’t be sad! You can do it too! Of course most of you would have to neglect your children and let your house fall into the treacherous hands of your “husbands.”  Yes, I can see it now…your head is spinning isn’t it? Who could do such thing? Thank the heavens that there are women in this world or Christmas would cease to exist! Bless your little hearts! 😉

I will now commence with watching all my fav holiday treats! A little Rudolph, a little Grinchy and for sure some Charlie B! 

Love ya Dudes! Happy wishes to you and yours!! 



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