Sad Little Dresser

This is the saddest little dresser on Union Street.

With four square drawers and no cute feet.

It was a lovely little thing

Back before it had some dings

But now it’s old and needs some friends

So I’m bringing over paint and trend

To brighten up this little guy

And let it look like I just had a buy!


Did you like my rhyme? What? It sucked? You try writing a poem about a dresser then! You know, it doesn’t lend itself to written inspiration. It is after all, just a dresser!

This sad little guy is a relic from my childhood. It has been stuck in a closet and serves as my husband’s one and only dresser. Pathetic, I know! Who only has one dresser?

Anyway….I may have out grown my closet and usurped B’s. A girl has needs! This meant however that the dresser had to vacate his closet and rejoin the furniture society, otherwise known as my bedroom.


You see my dilemma? All the other furniture shunned this poor little guy, making him a sore thumb. An outcast from all furniture societies.

And then, in a moment of genius, a thought bubbled out of my brain. I could paint the dresser! Ta-da! It was either a moment of genius or a small stroke. I’m going with genius.

This is my inspiration…

Please note the adorableness!

Over Christmas break, this will be my project. Major makeover for the sad little dresser on Union Street. Let’s just hope that he cooperates!



2 thoughts on “Sad Little Dresser

  1. Hear, hear – a salute Bryan for his willingness to have a White Girly Thing for his dresser (and it’s “out of the closet” now). That’s really true love, guys.

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