“All I want it what I have coming to me…”

“All I want is my fair share!” Words to live by buds, words to live by!

Despite outward appearances I really am not that materialistic. Stop laughing! I’m a do-gooder and everything! I just happen to think that good clothes open all doors! And really, looking nice is a win-win for everyone! I’m helping people everywhere I go! And that goes for good decor as well!

Even with my affinity for shopping, when it comes to my own Christmas list I am coming up lame this year! I really am getting old dudes. Psh, you say? I put Scrabble on my list!! That is like the height of lameness!! But I really do want it!! THAT is the height of lameness! Ugh. I am gift challenged this year.

Here is the list I gave my husband:

Chop sticks

Body Scrub

Leather driving gloves

Movie Scene-it

That is it! Total! What am I? Leather driving gloves?

Who is this person? Seriously though, this is all that I really could say I want.

As you know I am not really into the whole Christmas thing. I don’t like all the commercialism. Shocking, I know. Because I’m nothing if not commercial! This time of year however, call me Charlie Brown.


P.S.  This is my own, personal, Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! THAT’s the Charlie Browniest!! 


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