Christmas season is upon us! Ugh.

Yes, I am a Christmas Grinch. I know, it’s a huge disappointment to many. Sometimes the truth hurts! I blame it on my aversion to excessive, unnecessary junk. Christmas for me, has become this month of oppressive stuff that takes up space in my house. I can’t have it! The walls are closing in! Hehehe, just kidding! They’re right where I left them.

So this year I am finally altering my Christmas traditions to help reflect how  I truly feel about the season. I am NOT getting a Christmas tree!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Yes, my home will be void of Arboreal decor. And I am loving it!

Yesterday my friend Becca and I finally began our Christmas shopping, had a darling lunch out, grabbed a dessert to go and went back to my abode to trim it in Christmas-ness. The DVD player played the ever festive Elf as we pulled out the boxes and began to string lights around the house.

I dressed the bookcase, piano and other assorted surfaces with candles, stockings and Christmas chachka.

That is it! Done! No mas!

May I just say that it is awesome! The crown jewel is the Charlie Brown table top tree that KareBear bought for me! That is all the tree we need! Just perfect, I couldn’t ask for more. Literally.

So to all you haters out there, I may not be having the traditional Christmas tree but I have decorated.

So I’m not a total Scrooge, just a partial. 



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