Can you say

Rachael Ray was awesome!!!!

After waking up at 4am, curling my hair, slathering on pounds of make up, eating disgusting fast food breakfast we finally arrived at our destination. Cue the angels….

So there we are. Standing in line. Then we are given the once over and it is decided. WE ARE SITTING IN THE FONT SECTION ROW THREE!!!!!!!!AHHHHHH!

Breathe.Clam.Be Non-chalant.This happens to you everyday….”Please line up”. HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS WE ARE GONG IN!!!!

And then it was over! Poof! Just like that it flew by! She was amazing, warm and fun (even though she was suffering with a terrible knee injury and could barely move), the food looked great and it was so cool to see how at ease she was once she was around food. One Republic performed, Donnie Walberg and the Stefan character from Vampire Diaries were guests.

Some RiverDance performers (who are a youtube sensation?) did hand dancing? Who knew?

It was an awesome show and Becca and I had a great time! We are definitely on camera and our episode should air the week of November 29th.

Photos to come!



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