Boondock Soundtrack

Today is Veteran’s Day. Yay to all the Veteran’s for all their service to our nation. And yay that I have a day off.

So, today as I sit here and wait for my oil company to delivery fuel and inspect my tank, I have been playing more with my awesome DVD player. Remember I told you how it rocked? See here if you don’t remember.

I hooked up my Pandora and now have the ability to stream my account through the T.V. Let’s just chat about how awesome this is. I am in awe. and it is some-kinda-good. There, see? We chatted about it.

I logged in and created a new “Boondock” station to get me in the blogging mood. It worked. I’m blogging, you’re reading. It’s really a win-win, don’tcha think? It’s also now the soundtrack to my cleaning and baking activities of this morning.  To help you get in the “Boondock” mood here are some of the hits we are listening to. And yes, I’m using the Royal “We” unless you think Lucy is really listening too. (I had a picture to illustrate how this is so not the case but someone has taken the camera usb thing to work with him and left me in a lurch)

Miranda Lambert – Gunpowder and Lead

Sugarland – Something more

Loretta Lynn – Coal Miner’s Daughter

Craig Morgan – Little bit of life

Johnny Case – Long legged guitar pickin’ man

Patsy Cline – Crazy

The Wreckers – Crazy people

Dierks Bentley – Bad Angels

Now you know how country I really am. Off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Boondock day!




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