Just got back from seeing my baby sis at her lovely college!

My Aunt and I made the 3 plus hour trek to see our big, college, freshman girl! So proud of this awesome young lady! And so lucky to see call her my sister!

We did all the college-y things. Slept in her dorm, used communal showers (which is has solidified my belief that camping is not for me) participated in a college class and hung out on the quad. Not so college-like was the hour detour we took on the way home. Yeah, too busy talking and looking for milkshakes put us in Syracuse. But hey, we found the milkshakes! So, really I think it was a win! ;p

In all seriousness the college is amazing, full of incredible history, architecture and education opportunities. Seeing in up-close made her transition into adulthood all the more real. Or did it?

In addition to all the wonderful, educational goodness, I now know the true reason she choose this particular college.

Yes, it is an amazing private college with great personalized education and history…blah, blah, blah…

But the real deciding factor?

It looks like Hogwarts! 

or ?

Yeah. I rest my case. 🙂 I mean we’re talking about a kid who read every single Harry Potter the day they came out. Cover to cover and then twice again. True story. Sub-conscious much?

Anyhoo… 🙂

The worst part of the trip (besides leaving my little pumpkin) was the FROST ON MY WHOLE, ENTIRE CAR!!!!!!!! in the morning! Seriously, not cool!

Really, it was a wonderful trip. I can’t wait to visit her again!

Big loves to you kiddo!!!!



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