You are what you eat

Hobbies of mine include food. You know it, I know it, the whole world knows that I love food. Which makes me very interested in social, economic and political factors that go into our food systems and production. Dork I am. Research I do. It is on going. I’ve done it for years. I will continue to do it I’m sure.

Alright peeps. AS you now, I LMD, am not a vegan. I am not a vegetarian. I am not an organic food shopper.   I do shop locally, especially my local butcher and fruit and veggie stands in the summer. Our meat is mostly from my husband’s hunt. Deer, fish, goose, partridge etc. My food choices are usually fresh, not frozen or canned. But reality is that most of my shopping choices are limited by location and budget.

That being said, I do however, feel that it is important to be an informed consumer. To be aware of the impact of my seemingly nonchalant decisions on this chicken versus that chicken.


Despite my proclivity for inventing silly vocabulary I am actually a  diligent researcher and reader. I like to see the story from all sides. Opinions aside I try to be objective to the information I receive, a skill learned in my Anthropological training. This is not always possible, but being aware of my own bias helps me to realize, understand and reassess my information and findings.

That being said, you should all realize that I am brilliant and take me at my word! Lol, just kidding!

Anywho… So I am recommending a little documentary, Food Inc.

Skidmore has it in its library. Netflix offers it on DVD and online. Most Public Libraries have it. RENT IT! I’m not saying it’s the end all be all but it is a good way to make us all stop and think about something we take for granted. How our food comes to be. There is also a groovy little novel, My year of Meats by Ruth Ozeki that really helps widen the understanding of the meat industry and the people in it. Her other novel, All of Creation, is a great look into the potato farming industry and way of life

I recommend these edu-tainment (education/entertainment, get it? Brilliant! I know! If only Webster’s would give me a deal…) pieces as non-preachy ways to think about an issue that affects us all, whether we want to realize it or not.

Why bring up such an issue? Because I love you peeps and want you to live forever! Duh! 🙂 Plus, you told me I could no longer write about “she who shall not be named” even though it is not my fault that she is having a kick-ass farewell season! :p




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