Okay, I hear you!!

Soooooo, after the concerned comments about my love of Martha and Oprah yesterday I will no long post on my afternoon television. Which, P.S. is about my only television watching.

Honoring my pledge not to post about the wonderful, she who shall not be named, I bring you my new and latest entertainment love…

Yes, this little baby has revolutionized my movie watching experience. Why you ask? Because it streams my “watch instantly” queue from Netflix!!! Which means, I have hundreds of TV shows, movies and documentaries ready to watch through my tv at anytime for a small fee of $15. Sweet!

I have had Netflix for years and loved it, but was only able to watch the instant movies from my laptop. Which was fine, but really I hardly did it. Who wants to snuggle up to a computer screen for 2 hours?

Our DVD player recently died, after a long and tortured struggle to keep it alive I finally caved and got rid of it. In all honestly I bought it like 10 years ago for $20 at a Black Friday sale. That it lasted this long is amazing. Off to Wally-world I went!

In my quest I was set on getting the cheapest deal I could find. I actually saw this player and walked away, not fully aware of what I was giving up. As I picked up my cheapo-depo find I walked back down the aisle and actually read the boxes of the more expensive players. Hallelujah! There it was! For a mere 50 bucks more I am now able to not only stream my Netflix but also Pandora and a whole host of other sites I actually use!!

What does this mean for you my dear readers? That you will be getting lots more recommendations of movies!!! Long live the movie quote!!!



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