Awesomeness (and yes I made that up)

One of the great things about my new job is that I get to come home for the afternoon for several hours before I return to work in the evenings. I know. Super-Euro of me right? It only happens two days a week, but I have to say it is the awesomest!! (Yes, I made that up too)

So, here I sit with my comfy pants, blankie, Netflix through my T.V. watching Confessions of a Shopaholic (and no, I see no similarities what-so-ever! ;p) with bowl of Ramen (don’t judge. Okay judge, but say nothing to my face) writing to all of you at 2pm in the afternoon. My awesomeness is a like 500 right now, I know!

So dudes, as promised here are some pics from the House of Draus and our fall decor.€And this last one here. Well, he is the newest edition to our backyard. Everyone say hi to Meryl!  This lovely baby Catalpa tree was an awesome gift from my other mother, the wonderful Wanda Burch!

Alrighty, so that’s the Fall Happenings around here. What’s up with your neck of the woods!



4 thoughts on “Awesomeness (and yes I made that up)

  1. Everything looks lovely darling! Miss you terribly. Starting to winterize my own home decor but using babysteps. Still have to finish painting trim in the laundry room. : (

  2. Great pictures, I love your little home/yard, it’s so darn cute. So we took the jump with the rest of the BS ladies and gutted the 1/2 bath. Its only taken a week and 3 days to remove toilet (bonus find, full size Hersey candy bar still in the wrapper, that’s what was plugging the toilet, no joking), freaking pink wallpaper, popcorn ceiling, nasty tile flooring (other bonus find, the linoleum they left under the tile) and now we are stuck with the linoleum glue that will not come up (we have tried a belt sander, wire brush, chemicals, hot hot water, heat gun) I told John the bathroom needs to be done before Thanksgiving, plenty of time. Besides that all is great. See you soon.

  3. Re Meryl the catalpa: said sapling was dug up by Wanda’s generally tractable and eager to please spouse. Note that said sapling was apparently transplanted by Lauren’s generally tractable and eager to please spouse (before hunting season began?). Hmmm, noting a spousal pattern here. At any rate, we “transplanted” southerners are doing our part to support what I wistfully refer to as Yankee Magnolias.

    Re Martha S: Interviewers were at Mountain Music Weekend at Great Camp Sagamore this past weekend preparing for an upcoming spread in “Living.” Wanda and I weren’t interviewed; most likely “it’s a good thing.”

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