Oooohhhhh! (Squeal!) It’s sooooo Pretty!!!

Front of the house is all decked-out for FALL!! Yay!!!!

Pictures will follow tomorrow, cause I’m only one person. Why not wait to post this till I have the photos? Because we’re BFF’s and I was missing y’all and felt we needed a chatch-up! (get it? chat/catch and up all in one word!? Don’t pretend like you don’t love my original vocab words! ;p )

And I bought Halloween candy! Yay!!! (And yes, I know I’ll have to buy more before the actual Holiday but how could I resist?)

And it is the beginning of my favorite Holiday season!!!! I Know! This pumpkin dude totally rocks! I think he will need to visit the House of Draus this season

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

Hasta Ladies!



2 thoughts on “Oooohhhhh! (Squeal!) It’s sooooo Pretty!!!

    • what do you mean “make those pumpkins?” Like do I grow them, cause that would be a negative. Could I carve them, that would be a yes. Could I carve them well? That all depends. If you mean B carving those awesome pumpkins and me taking credit, then yes, I could carve them well! 🙂

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