Going on my first…

Over night conference! In the oh-so exciting city of…?

Syracuse! How unbelievably anti-climatic!

Yeah. I feel the same way.

Even a little cranky about it because I have to work till nine tonight and be up (and cute and dressed for a professional day of “workshops” aka sleep-fests making me want to claw my eyes out due to boredom!) by like 5 am.

Annoyed much. me.

On the plus side real life BFF and new work BFF’s are sharing hotel rooms and will be partaking in an alcohol post-“workshop” fest of our own! Thank God for alcohol! Helping conference goers since people thought conferences were actually doing the world good!




One thought on “Going on my first…

  1. Have fun my friend. I hear Syracuse is a lot of fun. Just think of all the bars they must have there, I mean once you get past the heinous orange they all wear I’m sure you’ll have a great time! Miss you lots.

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