I swear it’s like she has a portal into my mind!!!

I know. I just wrote about her yesterday. But I’m telling you. This woman is like directly on my wave length!!!

Oprah Winfrey is clearly telepathic and has been monitoring my mind and research habits!

Take Monday and today’s show for instance.

I have been so into this issue and have been waiting to see this particular documentary.  And then BAM! Oprah does two amazing shows on this documentary and the issues it discusses! Maybe Oprah is like, more than human. Because seriously, I am feeling like she has some Mr. Miyagi, Zeus-ish omnipotent skills!

How does she know???!!!! I need answers. I want proof of her human DNA! Maybe she is like Google’s android human project! She’s too good. And since I do not believe in magic, I have to believe that it is science that invented her. Of course, if it is true, that she is an android, it would be the first time that I could think  technology isn’t the cause of the demise of our civilization. But that’s a story for another day.

Maybe, perhaps she is human. Maybe she is just so damn astute and has enough F-you money that she can talk about real issues. Maybe her un-adulterated fame and adoration has given her the confidence to take on issues more challenging than what some celeb-u-tard had for dinner. I’m not saying that she has always been this way, but maybe that’s why I can appreciate her. Maybe because she has grown and transformed her show from a Sally-Jesse style to something more classy and deep can I respect her. And change, is something that doesn’t come easy and doesn’t come often. And while she could just get away with having celebrity interviews she chooses to address some large social issues and create conversations that maybe we would otherwise feel too intimidated to have.

Or maybe she was invented by Google, Apple and Bill Gates and the kid who made Facebook. Cause you know that they are all light-years ahead of the rest of us. They just clue us in every now and then.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s it :p

Check out Waiting for Superman you won’t be sorry you did! And like everything, look at it objectively. There will be good and bad but at least we’ll be talking about it!



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