Oprah is trying to kill me

Seriously! Are you watch the last season of Oprah? The woman is trying to kill me with heartbreaking stories!!!

Today…Ingrid Betancourt.

“Kidnapped at gunpoint and held captive for six and a half years in the jungle: The exclusive interview with one of the world’s most famous hostages, Ingrid Betancourt.”

Yeah. I’m not kidding. This is an amazing story and I am convinced that O is doing this on purpose! As I get older I seem to be able to cry over anything. Commercials, the Today Show and you expect a dry eye with this?!!

Running  for President of Colombia, fighting against the Para-military FARC that has terrorized Colombia for over 20 years, she was kidnapped by the FARC for 6 1/2 years!!!!!!!! People this is a crazy story! And an amazing interview!!!

She just wrote her memoir “Even silence has an end” and you know I’m reading that! Latin American, female, fight for life. Hello, you know it’s going to be amazing! Check out her story, it is unreal. It makes you stop and really appreciate your life.

Even Silence Has an End: My Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle

There is also a documentary

Back to O. I know, you had no idea I was such a fan? How could I be a die-hard Howard (for the record he wins over Oprah, hands down) and love Oprah? Paradox, remember?

This lady is crazy interesting to me. I had always seen and been into her shows here and there. A couple, years ago I happened to read a little bio about influential African-Americans and was stunned at Op’s own life story.  I am sooo waiting for her autobiography!!! She is truly an incredible woman.

So, love her! I demand it! And get your tissues ready, because this season is gonna be a tear-jerker!


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