You’ve heard of the Sacandaga?

Well meet “sock-n-doga!” Since we live around the corner from the Sacandaga Lake, my husband nick named our Lucy girl “Sock-n-doga” when, one day, she pranced herself around the living room with the sock she just removed from his feet.

Look at that face! ” I know I’m guilty but really Ma,  there’s nothing you’re gonna do about it! When you see eyes like that, you know they know they are doing something wrong. But really, face to face, with THAT face, how could you get mad!! B and I can do nothing but laugh hysterically when she comes running up to us, prancing, holding a sock in her mouth!

Clean, dirty and sometimes still on your feet, she loves them all and feels the need to carry them around the house and then lay it on your lap. Sometimes, we are convinced that she is simply retarded but then she conveys such skill and memory when we try to hide a sock on her. Who knew of all the tens of toys we’ve purchased that her favorite was right on our feet!

Being the most awesome dog there is she doesn’t eat or shred the socks, just simply flips them around her head, rolls on them and carries them around the house. As I type she is laying next to me, with my husbands sock under her head. Ridiculous, hilarious and adorable, I can’t help but love this “sock-n-doga!”



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