Do it!

This Is Important!!! I’m totally serial! 😉 Did ya get? Huh? Huh? Man-bear pig? Al Gore? South Park? Anyone?…

Moving on!

For those of us who still live in villages, towns and cities that have Main Streets, local businesses are struggling!! I can’t tell you how sad it is to walk through my village and see empty store fronts. Every chance I get I stop in my local coffee shop, The Java Junction, and I only buy my meat at our local butcher shop, Meatland. We eat at local owned restaurants, pizza places and cafes and before they retired I used my village Pharmacy! Little local places are what keep us connected as a community! So please Check out the 3/50 Project! Get behind it! Do it!!It’s worth it!! Pretty please with a cherry on top!

You’re children will thank me! lol! No wait. Yeah, they’ll thank me! Really, I’m serious! 🙂

And if you don’t….

I pity the fool!!!



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