Here’s the scoop

After a not so vacation I am officially at my new job! Excitement, nerves and a little bit of homesickness for my Skidmore pals!

I do not have an office as of yet because our contract with the site where I’ll be is still not finalized. It makes me feel a little out of sorts, cause ya know, I’m a little bit of a control freak and always like a little bit of security! But I am learning to cope by making due in a makeshift desk area in the office…LIBRARY! It’s a little ironic, don’tcha think? 😉

The girls are great and I’m sure we’ll be fast friends but it will never be the same! 😦 No movie quotes, no practical jokes, what’s a girl to do?! The work is incredibly overwhelming and extremely fast-paced and can change in an instant. Uh, huh, OCD, Control-freak girl is gonna be using those organizational and management skills hard and fast everyday! Thank ya Jesus that you made me a fast-paced, love to move girl because a lesser lady might crumble!

Another bonus to the new job? Besides the unbelievably short work days, insane vacation and bump in cash? I get to see my baby sister EVERYDAY!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 My heart is bursting!! She is at BOCES for her morning vo-tech cosmetology class which is RIGHT NEXT TO MY DEPARTMENT OFFICE!!!

Today I saw her just as she stepped off the bus and into the lobby (looking like a California movie star of course! Duh! Don’t you spend two hours straightening your hair everyday?) I snuck into her tour group and gave her a big hug and kiss! Right in front of her friends! Other 16 year olds might be totally embarrassed, but not my girl! She had the biggest smile ear to ear and hugged me tight with a little squeal! Oh, my little heart almost burst on the spot! So big! So grown up and yet still 6 years old and in pig tails in my mind!! I later snuck another quick hug as she left BOCES on her way back to her High School. It was shameless but I also brought my new co-workers past her class and we pointed and waved to her as she tried to not get caught waving! Who could resist showing off such a perfect pumpkin?

That’s my Lizzy-bee on the left! So cute! So big!

Okay, I’m done with the big sister gush-fest! With one in college and the other on her way I’m feeling a little nostalgic! Sue me! 🙂

Let’s see. What else to report?





Hahahahahahaha! Did you like that? ;p


Big love to ya ladies! Big love!!!



4 thoughts on “Here’s the scoop

  1. ok so you got me I have been reading the Blog Snob Post they keep me entertained I have to say.

    Nice keep joking like that and you will be PREGNANT!!!

    Miss you so freaking much this office is not the same, can’t wait tell the 17th watch out Brickyard here we come

    ta ta

  2. She’s so big and grownup! Totally miss you and our daily movie quotes. The girls here just can’t compare, they do not share our love of movies. sigh.
    Glad to see you are trying to settle in, just in case things work out you can always come back to us! Miss you darling! See you on the 17th!

  3. Well Lauren, I am glad to report, IM NOT PREGNANT either. Not that it was a possiblity, just letting you know. If being pregnant is a possibility in your life, I prefer that you tell me, ya know cause I love you and all. WTF?!? you get to see Lizzy everyday!!?!!?!?! I did not know about this, nor was this approved through the board of sisterhood, emergency meeting of sisterhood, this Sunday at 12pm, why? because Im coming home this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats exciting, in case you didnt know,
    well im off to acting 101
    LOVE YOU TONS!!!!!
    Steffy your sista in collegio 🙂

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