Vacation day three…

Before I begin I need a moment to discuss something.

What am I watching? I am actually only partially watching, mostly listening to the t.v. as I cruise the net. Moving on…

The movie 300 is on. I’ve never seen it. KareBear the abandoner of all blogging responsibilities to cavort around Disney, has seen it and told me a lie that it was good. So, here I sit, computer, glass o’ wine and a terrible disappointment that I am actually feeling sorry for this creature thing who was told he’s not fit enough to fit for Sparta.

WTF? I don’t even like this movie, nor have been paying attention. In fact I am loathing my Russian cable for not providing me with something other than this 300 nonsense and football. And the one scene that catches my attention is so ridic-ulous, that I am forced to question my sanity. Or maybe I should be seriously impressed with the effect this glass of vino is having?

If you haven’t seen this movie, I beg you, don’t waste your time. I don’t care how hot Gerard Butler is, nothing is worth this crappy excuse for cinema!

Vacation day three…

Boring new employee orientation

Painted white trim in bathroom redo part two

Appointment with financial advisor

Trip to vet for Lucy dog’s toothbrush and paste (shut it! She has gorgeous teeth and they are staying that way! )

Home for color coat on bathroom walls

Pick up husband

Sit in car while husband shops in the disgusting Wal-Mart for his Labor Day camping trip (I will be shopping at legit establishments this weekend!)

Home for breakfast dinner (husband cooks, I clean up)

Put papers away, drink wine, watch bad tv as I read all my blog peeps and blog about day

Again, alleged vacation 😉

~L This movie just got soooooooo much more terrible than the last time I looked! This time I can find no sympathy for any characters. It just blows chunks. Period.


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