Vacation…Day Two

Day two…

Drive the husband to work

Drink coffee

Check email

Strip wallpaper in ugly part two of bathroom redo

(Warning! The following photo maybe so hideous, so ugly that your retinas may begin burning)

I told you!

Prime ugly walls and trim

Eat ice cream and watch baby sister buy shoes before she grows up and leaves for college tomorrow :O

Pick up husband

Take pumpkin-head dog swimming

(She looks kinda deformed here, right?? Weird! Let’s put up a cute image to erase that bizarro leg/body contortion one)

(There, that’s better!)

Bath dog to rid her of yucky lakeness

Help husband make beer-can chicken, rice, homemade gravy and fresh corn on the cob

Clean up everything

Hang out laundry

Drink glass of wine

Write blog about day two of alleged vacation! 😛



3 thoughts on “Vacation…Day Two

  1. OK! What happened in that bathroom? Is that the other part? I am worried you ripped down that lovely look that was going on the great color and all the goodies? Was there wallpaper under the paint or are we in the second half? You are too cute…on vacation. I was drooling reading about dinner!

    • Room one of the bathroom redo from earlier this summer is still intact, this is the tub room I am working on now. Ugh, the kudzu vine wallpaper felt so good to rip down! Down with the country-cute! Glad you like all the blogging! Missing you like candy!

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