Vacation…Day One

Ummm. So. Have you ever noticed that I am overly ambitious? Particularly with home improvement projects? Yeah.

Well, I have this week off before I start my new job. Yay, right? Mmmm, maybe? For normal people yay would be the case. For me, I tend to set too many goals and then exhaust myself with trying to fulfill them.

This vacation, I told myself, would be different. I was going to go to the beach, sleep in, and be on vacation. Psshh. Yeah, okay. So day one of vacation? I did have a lazy morning but made up for it with laundry, dishes, and a four-hour sewing project!

Remember when I said I didn’t sew? And then KareBear showed me how easy it was to make a curtain? And then I was ready to take on the world? Yeah. I went to Joann Fabric picked me up some high density foam, thread and fabric to make a cushion for a little bench I just painted for the mudroom. Excited was I. Foolish was I.

Sewing world one. Lauren the once excited sew queen, zero.

Holy Shiitake Mushrooms! I ironed the fabric, I cut the foam down to size, I cut out the 6 different pieces. I measured, I pinned, I tried to sew in a straight line. I broke the needle on the machine by hitting the pins. I got the thread bunched up, I sewed a seam on the wrong side. I couldn’t get the stitches out. I cut the fabric around the wrong seam. I decided that I needed a glass of wine. I then decided that I was really ok with paying retail prices. I put on the Big Lebowski. I ate a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

But then, as the Dude was insistent on not letting the aggression stand, I heard a voice in my head…

“Lauren, I’m so proud of you making the cushion for the thing. You are such a good girl to be sewing. You should sew everything. You know, many years I sewed but now with my eyes…You make me so happy. Oh, you’re gonna sew more? That’s a good girl…”

Ugh. Guilt. Theresa is in my head again. Pushing me on with a mix of nostalgia, guilt and support. She would be so excited to see that I was sewing. Ugh. Must.Carry.On.

So, here it is. FAR from perfect. But…I DID IT! I conquered the machine! I made my first sewing project, on my own and if you don’t look close, you would almost think it was pretty respectable. Again, though, DON”T LOOK CLOSE! 🙂

I said don’t look close!!!

There. That’s better. The further you go, the better it looks!



4 thoughts on “Vacation…Day One

  1. Love all the blogging, love the cushion, you rock! I do not like the photo of myself with the straw colored hair:) Miss you too mucha!

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