Drama, Drama, Drama

And really isn’t it the truth?

Gone with the Wind, one of my favorite movies. No one, and I mean no one brought the drama better than your mama, then the incomparable Miss Scarlett O’Hara!

So naturally when I stumbled upon this lovely little Wall decor from Right on The Walls it was love at first sight!

I needed something for the wall behind my couch in the living room. Being that this is my new fav room (thanks to a little make over magic) I wanted something that was really special. Something that reflected my personality and the purpose of my life (to watch endless movies. What? That isn’t the purpose of my life? Are you sure? Wow. You are. Okay, maybe you have a point but I’ll need some serious therapy to get over this revelation!)

So thank you Ms. Vivien Leigh and all your sassy glory for bringing one of the most memorable characters to life!

And for inspiring all women to go through life with fire in their eyes, tenacity in their hearts and to turn curtains into anything they desire!



3 thoughts on “Drama, Drama, Drama

  1. Scarlett….what’s NOT to love. Fierce. She’s totally fierce. And spoiled. Manipulative…and mean, really, really mean. But she kicked ass anyway when she needed to and she had some swell moments there where she was all heart. And then that minute passed. But man, that was one well- written, colorful character!

  2. I think “Mz Scarlet, I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ babies” belongs on one of your earlier blogs, but since I just discovered your blog [it’s fabulous!], I’ll just throw it in here…and bein’ a GRIT [Girl Raised in the South], I’m having a great time reading your love affair with Gone with the Wind. One of my favorities too!

    We WILL get to Memphis in May. This is my last day as an employee with the State of New York. Lots of tears. Lots of anticipation!

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