You wanna go to an antique show?

Holy shiitake mushrooms I’ve never seen so many tents in my life! It was like a sea of ways for me to spend unnecessary money. I’m talking about the Bouckville Antique Show. Thanks to a tip from my buddy L.Acee I was on my way to the largest antique show on earth! It was sooo big, that after 3 hours I only saw 1/8th of what was there. Yeah, it was major!

Ahh, I love the smell of commerce in the morning (quote from Mallrats. What? You’ve never seen Mallrats? Shame, Shame on you and your uncouth ways! )

My BFF Sarah and spent a total girl day together this past Saturday. It started with a breakfast stop at the Black Cat Cafe in Sharon Springs. Mmmm, so good. Great funky breakfast with a killer cafe con leche! I am so glad to be back on the Java bandwagon 🙂 everything is just better when you have fresh caffeine.

If you’ve never been you should definitely check out Sharon Spring’s American Hotel. My good friend Heidi is the manager there. It is a bit pricey but total worth the drive! The Chef there is A-MAZ-ING! But I digress…

Sar and I then tripped down the street to the Beekman Boys little mercantile shop and purchased some delicious soaps. And as a bonus, owner Josh Kilmer-Purcell,  was dropping off some goats to spend the day greeting visitors! Total cuteness!

After a little lovefest with the goats, it was onward to the big show! Bouckville-Madison Antique Fair! Yes, 1,000 vendors of antiques, vintage clothes and jewelery. Heaven comes in the form of never-ending tents with everything you could ever want! Even better were the vendors outside the show, lined up on the road leading to the entrance, these peeps were really ready to haggle!

It was a joyous shopping excursion filled with moments such as this…

And this…


Of course I bought this lovely little yellow number…

And look at these great pieces! How can you resist?

The day ended with major scores and a perfect dinner with our husbands.

Great finds + Great Wine + Us not cooking = Perfect girly day 🙂


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