I hesitate to say this because I know what y’all will say

There I was. Innocently reading through bloglandia clicking on various other blogs when I stumbled on Marital-Bless. A cute little blog about a 20 something wife and mother yada-yada-yada. I was reading and scrolling and thinking, “God! Look how cute and with it this woman is. She is such a great writer. Here she is talking about her son. OMG! EVERYONE IS HAVING BABIES!!!!”

Yup, As I looked through all the blogs I realized they were all 20/30 something wives and mothers. And I am reading all about their trials and tribulations in the land of motherhood. Even the hilarious bitch at MODG is pregnant! What is going on?

And then I had this little moment of panic. My heart started beating quickly in my chest, I couldn’t breath, panic took a hold of my brain…OMG Do I like this? Do I want this? Am I loosing my MIND? Did I drink the water?

The answer is D, all of the above. And then I sat myself down and had an internal chat. I guess it really is more like a monologue but lets not get lost in the details.

“Now hold it! Get grip here! This is crazy talk! You are clearly suffering from some warped hormonal moment. Remember when you cried at the Puff’s Plus commercial? Yeah, this is just like that moment. Unexplainable, hormonal moments happen. Naturally little thoughts like this will creep into you head. How could they not! You are surrounded by a world of fertile baby banks who are willing to show off their ability to procreate and ask you about yours 24/7! You friend are not one of them! Snap out of it!”

And just like that the feeling stopped. I still could appreciate all the cute, funny and stressful moments I was reading about but that nasty little thought of joining them fled the scene. How could I put it out of my mind so quickly you wonder? I was continuing to search bloglandia as these squirrely thoughts were racing through my mind and I found this. Yup, one glance at Maybe If You Just Relax and I was instantly cured!

Logic re-entered my mind and body and banished that insane moment back to the dark recesses of “thoughts we don’t think.” I am happy to say that the only thing that I plan on mothering has four legs, blonde fur and never asks for a goddamned thing!

Oh, yeah and the guy I married, but really, doesn’t that go without saying! 🙂

Because really friends, between the two of them, that’s a full-time gig. And I love every minute! So I may not be as cool as all the other 20 something bloggers out there but I do have one thing…FREEDOM! Oh, sweet Freedom!

Sing it with me now!

Thank God for Bloggers!



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