Curtain Love

Remember the tablecloth that inspired my living room redo? After scouring the internet I was able to find my tablecloth and ordered two in hopes of turning them into curtains for my living room. I am happy to report that, with the help of Karebear at True Tales From Cliftonia, that dream is now a reality!!

I give you…The Curtains!

Wanna see how it was done?

I was really excited to find these extra tablecloths because I loved the pattern so much! All the curtains I was finding were just lacking. Maybe I am bias, but I just love the pattern on these. Jazzed as I was to score the tablecloths, my next mission was actually turning them into curtains. Uh, yeah, did I mention that I don’t sew? It’s not that I don’t want to, really, I do. My grandmother was as seamstress for crying out loud. And I think that has been the reason I never really took up with the sewing machine. My Grammy was always there to do it for me. Sadly though, she hasn’t been able to sew in a few years because of Macular Degeneration.

In walks Karebear to the rescue! She said she would help me set up my machine (brand new two years ago, I took it out once, got confused and it never saw the light of day again) and make my table-tains a reality. Bless her heart! We did have an evening scheduled when our brilliant co-worker Patty suggested we bring the machines in and do it on our lunch hour! Multi-tasking, I love it!

We hit a bit of a snag getting the machine ready. One of my amazing student workers graciously assisted us and then we were on our way!

Here is Karebear diligently sewing away! Oh, she is gonna be so mad when she sees this picture!

It’s one of the main reasons I had to put it up 😉 Ahh, Friends, who could live with out them!

Because they were already hemmed as tablecloths all she did was fold once and make a rod pocket!

After watching her tackle this and seeing how simple it really is I feel the need for more projects!

Look out Joann Fabrics I’ma comin’!

I am so pleased with how nice these table-tains go in my freshly painted living!

Thanks Karebear!



5 thoughts on “Curtain Love

  1. And this is why I sometimes think Karebear and I are not genetically coded the same…she’s got these mad creative skills, which includes the ability to sew, and I have……a car! that takes me to a tailor who accepts visa! Thank God! Curtains look awesome! Great job ladies. Can’t wait to see the next project.

  2. OMG! My heart is bursting the curtains look georgous. And may I mention that they go stunning with the robin’s egg blue paint job ( the very same color I wanted for my laundry room?) Don’t get me started. Having alot of fun in Lake Placid, the olympic museum was awesome. We are extending our stay a few hours tomorrow to watch the USA women’s hockey team take on Canada. Whoo hoo!

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