A Day with a Sister

One of my baby sisters is about to head out to college! Sheesh how time does fly! This Saturday she and I spent a leisurely summer’s day of quality time together before she is hours away.

Our day began with chocolate milkshakes and a stop to the GoodWill Store where we found this incredible ensemble for less than $15! Woo-hoo!

It all began with these fabulous shoes for $1.99

Then we saw this great little dress for $9.99

To top off the whole look we browsed the jewelry section and found this incredible necklace for $1.99! It pulled the whole look together and really set off this gorgeous dress. We were so thrilled with our find that we made a pact to share this beautiful out fit (except the shoes which were in her Sasquatch size).
Ahh, I just love the smell of commerce in the morning!
After our major GoodWill scores we hopped over to Big Lots and grabbed some curtain rods and sheers to finish off my living room makeover. Onward to Aldi’s and Wal-Mart and then home for some lunch!
Once we were all fed and put the groceries away we decide to hit the beach and catch some rays! I have a pass to our village beach but haven’t had the time to use it much this year. The summer seems to have just flown by with all the projects, parties and trips! I was so glad to have a little weekend of leisure to kickback and do whatever seemed fun!
So, there we are just bathing in the sun…
Until the attack of the BIRDS!!! Some bleeping kids next to us kept throwing crackers to the vicious, fearless, scavengers who began stalking us with their beady eyes and sharp beaks! The first and second time that those brats threw the crackers I assertively told them not to do that or at the very least to not do it near people. Being small idiots they moved two feet and threw them again! When the flock came swarming our way the ringleader of these miscreants looked at me with fear as I said “If  you give those birds another piece of food, I’m gonna kick ya till your dead!” No, I didn’t really say that, and shame on you for not recognizing a classic Moonstruck line!
After two hours of being circled as their next meal we decided to surrender the beach to the birds and return home for some dinner. Being true Italiana girls we ate pasta, butter and grated cheese and loved every minute of it!
There is no one better to spend a great summer day with than your sister!

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