A Boondock Vacation Day

This weekend the Hubby and I had some Boondock summer fun at Dog Days at the Blue Mountain Lake Museum. We took Lucy last year and had a ball and have decided to make it an annual tradition. The museum is a favorite of ours and we love to do anything that lets the Lucy-girl spend time in new places.

The museum is gorgeous. Completely devoted to the history and traditions of the Adirondack Mountains; the museum consists of an outdoor campus with exhibits on logging (I told you it was Boondock!), fishing, boat making etc. There are also exhibits on turn of century rural schools, hunting camps, Adirondack cottages and furniture.

My personal favorites are the garden exhibit and the kids laundry exhibit (hello! OCD clean girl!). The laundry is great for the kids, it has all these antiquated stations where they have to pump the water into a bucket and carry it over to a wash basin. Then they either pound, beat or washboard the clothes, rinse and then hang them out to dry! Gives the little ones (and the Mama’s too) a real appreciation for modern conveniences.

Of course it wouldn’t have been a Lucy Day if the girl didn’t find some trouble! She felt the compulsion to enter every fountain and pond that we came across! But really, who was gonna say no to that face!







The day was great, it gave us some sweet time as a family in the outdoors. Of course it also gave my husband an arsenal of project ideas, such as this rustic bar!

After our lovely day we traveled back down the mountain to our favorite restaurant, Melody Lodge. This is about an hour away from our house and is a little pricey,so we only go a couple of times a year. Being that it is on the way home from the museum we decided to indulge a little!

Being tourist season the restaurant was packed so we ate some light fare at the bar. I had battered and fried artichoke hearts in a lemon and tarragon butter sauce, a salad with homemade buttermilk ranch dressing and topped it off the a chocolate torte! Small world that it is a friend of ours, who we haven’t seen in ages, happened to be helping at a camp nearby and stopped in for some food! Don’tcha love when that happens!

To finish our Boondock Day we stopped at Moffett’s Beach and campgrounds in Speculator (about 5 minutes from the restaurant) and spent the evening with a group of friends who were camping for the weekend. Those photos I will not be sharing! Needless to say we had a great day, in all its Boondock glory!



2 thoughts on “A Boondock Vacation Day

  1. Viva Boondock vacays! Nothing wrong with spending the day outdoors, although, I hardly think a museum is very boondock-y.
    PS: Lucy girl is so darn cute.

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