Ambition is a good thing, right?

So, let me just start by saying that I have a problem.

“Hi, my name is Lauren and I am ambitious!” I am particularly, overly ambition this summer about home improvement projects. Lord have mercy on me!

I have thrown myself into several projects this summer (mini-bathroom redo, painting the mudroom and replacing its floor…) and they all seem to start innocently enough.

Beginning this late spring, my Weekend Warrior and BF, Becca and  I decided to repaint the stair up to the bedroom and redo this two unit Kitchen cabinet set in my kitchen. It went smashingly well! I removed the doors to the cupboard and painted the inside shelves Cajun Red from Sherwin Williams and she painted my stairs Polished Mahogany. In one day our projects were complete and the kitchen looked a little fresher! Hmmm, if I could do this in a day I could…

See? Right there. That’s how it started! A little bit of confidence, paint and drive and she’s off, faster than a prom dress!

Then I moved on to the bathroom. Here I had a little help from the hubby. Mortified that I was just going to paint he jumped in and saved the day. So, that project, kinda turned into his deal. Being ousted from my DIY bathroom, I moved on to the Mudroom.

With unfettered ambition! I barreled into the mudroom and painted it Sheraton Green from Sherwin Williams. It looked great! Warm and inviting. Then when the Hubby got involved to replace the floor, things changed. We both picked out this beautiful laminate tile slate style flooring. It is gorgeous! He laid it down and suddenly the Sheradon Green became pea soup yuck and needs to be changed! ugh! Ambition is starting to wane. I’m still going back and forth on this one and am trying to be very sure of the next color I choose. ‘Cause that room is a Biotch to paint!

Inspiration struck again when I purchased a new tablecloth at T.J. Maxx and fell in love with the print. Fab isn’t it? I needed to paint my living room!

Yup, no two ways about it. It needed to be done. So, I enlisted the Hubby again and we set off on our painting journey! Two weeks later the room is almost complete. I love this color! Peacock Plume from Sherwin Williams.I just have to finish the trim on the window and hang some curtains!

Speaking of curtains…I loved that damn tablecloth so much that I bought to more to make into curtains for the living room. The problem is, I have no sewing skills! Zip, zero, nada! I am ashamed to admit this seeing at Grama Theresa was a seamstress and taught me everything I know about domesticity! Alas and alack I just never took the time to really listen to her or follow through on any sewing projects as a child.

Never fear friends, help is on the way! My friend over at True Tales From Cliftonia  has pledged to help make my tablecloth curtains a reality and teach me the wise ways of the sewing machine. Given my proclivity for projects and the ambition I have for taking them on in such short succession of one another, this may not be a skill I should learn 🙂 Hmmm, I bet the Hubby is really gonna love this!


3 thoughts on “Ambition is a good thing, right?

  1. I love the project photos!! So glad you posted all:) Having Bib. Service girls withdrawals! Psyched you found more tablecloths for curtains yay!! Now you can sleep, knowing no one else got them!

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