I love books! Do you?

So, just another ho-hum day at work yesterday. Chugging along, white-knuckling it till the clock struck the magic hour of release. Then, my brilliant student worker Shannon, changed my day and told me about the best social website in the world! I give you Good Reads!

Ahh, it is so wonderful! Please peeps go check it out. It is by far the most interesting social networking site out there. Why you ask? because it has a purpose larger than, “Jane is picking her nose and hoping the chicken isn’t too dry”, kind of Facebook crap!

Good Reads provides you with a place of your own to catalog all the books you’ve read, what you’re reading now and what is on your to read list! Then you can write reviews, check out your friends lists, chat with authors and engage with other bookworms without having to read everyone and their brother’s brilliant games, thoughts on minutia and stupid drunken photos. Okay, so the photos might be a draw but really people need to have something more to do then tell me and everyone we went to high school with that they are taking a shower and watching tv!

This site brings the written word and it’s lovers together and gives the members a purpose. I was amazed as I went through the lists of books and realized how many I have read! It also gives me a great and easy way to record all the books that I want to read! Instead of having a zillion little pieces of paper or writing titles down on receipts, and in planners never to be looked at again, I have a legit place to keep all my interests recorded.

So join me friends and become a good reader!


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