Summer Fun

  My Ladies and me!

I have the best professional BFF’s a girl could ask for! Three of the greatest women in the world sit with in 15 feet of me for 7 hours a day. Who could ask for more? Unfortunately/Fortunately the tides of good fortune brought me a new job opportunity closer to home, in a field I adore, for way more dinero and I had to accept 😦

Leaving my Professional BFF”s is a terribly difficult idea for me. Even though I know that I will drive in from the Boondocks to see them, they needed a little reassurance that this will be a possible task.  To help ensure them that the Boondock’s really aren’t that far away (1/2 hour to 40 minutes) and that the drive is not an inconvenience for me; I invited them and their families to make the drive out to the Boondocks for a barbecue.

I have to say, I think the hubby and I threw a pretty a good bash! Despite the fact that the weather gods were against me in the AM, the afternoon turned out to be a gorgeous day. The kids loved the bouncy bounce boxing ring and the neighbors pool as did the adults! You’ll see what I mean ! 😛 

Please note the utter glee in L.Acee’s face! Out of Control!

And her she is moments later!

“Mama said knock you out!”

And here is the lot of us, almost toppling the bounce ring

AS you can see, the adults kids loved it!

Thank you ladies for a great time! Please visit us often, out here in the Boondocks! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. OMG! I’m so excited that you are going to a new “yob” with better cabbage and closer proximity…but seriously! who’s going to dress my sister now!!!!????? And may I add that I don’t think you read the fine print of that “Step-Away-From-The-Clearance-Rack-Karen” contract little miss. Because you are forever required to uphold that obligation to inject culture and taste into her wardrobe – as in for plus ever, FOREVER….and AND! if I die prematurely, you are still going to have to help her with my funeral arrangements because Jesus, God, if she hosts the after reception at Applebees and serves Sutter Home ANYTHING it’s going to be disasterous!

  2. That party was so much fun! I am going to miss you but I make a pledge here and now to regularly keep in touch, besides, who else will help me pick my paint colors?

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