The bathroom redo-ish part one

The woman who previously owned my house made “improvements” to extremely rustic design work of the owners before her. They had lived in the house since 1950 with barely anything resembling modernity. Her idea of improvements involved Debbie Mum/County Cutsie DIY with no $ and no knowledge of how to finish things.

I’ll give her this, she installed a hand-me-down set of Wood Mode cupboards because the old people had (are you ready?) ONE kitchen cupboard! So, kudos to her for getting a decent quality set of kitchen cupboards (although I can’t wait to get some paint on them) and giving me a somewhat normal looking kitchen. Other projects however, have left much to be desired.

For instance the bathroom. Now, remember I spoke to you earlier of how itsy-bitsy, tiny my house is. This woman decided to take a small bedroom (smaller than most walk-in closets today) and open the wall of it to the bathroom to create a two-room bathing experience and laundry closet. Good in theory, poorly executed!

First off, she had a cheap amateur do the work, mistakes visible to the untrained carpenter’s eye! Second, she put up discount, kudzu-vine inspired wallpaper that after 2 years was pealing and topped it with a bird house border! Christ-Almighty, did she have no one in her life to stop her!!! Ugh! Poor thing! Fancying herself as a DIY type gal, many other places in our home were left with remnants of this type of work.

 See? It’s so bad that I can’t even give you a close up! No, I won’t do it! I’m saving your eyes! Trust me.

Recently, I was overwhelmed with ambition and decided to tackle one of the two bathing rooms in a mini-makeover. Enough to make it fresh and up-to-date with out a full-out remodel. Mr. Go Big or Go Home (aka my husband) nearly died. When I explained to him that I just wanted to take down the wallpaper, paint and change the light I think I almost killed him! “But honey! Look at this trim, if you can call it that! Let’s just rip it all out and start fresh!”

Now, most women would be ecstatic if their Hubby uttered such words. Being the wife of a carpenter is way different from being his client. Hire him to redo your bathroom and he would work day and night, finishing it in record time with the ut-most precision. Having him come home after finishing your bathroom re-do and asking him to finish his own could take years! Mind you, I am still waiting on 2 pieces of baseboard in our bedroom remodel from Oct. 2008! Yeah ladies it’s that bad!

This knowledge (and the fact that I don’t have 10 grand lying around) lead me to the quick facelift idea that I proposed. After much convincing, and a little compromise (I let him put up crown molding) room one of our bath-rooms is updated and fresh with minimal fuss!

 The tub room is still under construction but here are some pic’s of one room in the bathroom.

Ahhh, the sweet smell of new paint!



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