Dream a little dream of home

Okay, so this really isn’t a movie quote, but it is related to the world of cinema. Therefore, it falls under “Snap out of it”. It combines my two personal hobbies, movies and dreaming. Particularly, dreaming of homes and decor that I would love to inhabit!

Day dreaming about all the lovely movies homes I see led me this happy little blog that perfectly fits my addiction. Hooked on Houses is a great site that has pictures of and talks about all the movie homes of our dreams, as well as celebrity homes and other famous manses. Check it out, I dare ya!



Here are a few clips of my favorite movie houses. Of course you do realize there are hundreds but three seemed like just enought to start with! What are you favorite movie manses? 🙂


This is the house from What Lies Beneath, starring Michele Pfieffer and Harrison Ford. If you haven’t seen this movie, it is a great suspense flick. But the house itself is so breathtaking that it’s worth watching just for the home!

This is the kitchen from Practical Magic. Although I love the whole house, this room was my particular favorite!! Ugh, if only I could win the lotto. For more images of this amazing set check out Hooked on Houses and Amas Veritas for the complete low down on all thing Practical Magic. “All I want is what I have coming to me, all I want is my fair share!”

Dragonfly sofa

Ok, so technically this is not a movie. And technically this is not a house. The Dragonfly Inn from my fave TV show, Gilmore Girls, has always made me drool! Warm, charming and slightly overwhelming, it speaks to me in a big bad way!


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