A Taste of Boondock Living

So, more in keeping with this blog’s original purpose I would like to introduce you to the sporting world of the Boondock’s!

Enter extreme, off-road, rock racing! My husband, being a man of the backwoods that he is, first introduced me to his sport of choice about 10 years ago when we first started dating. Young, naive and eager to get the hubster to see that I was a fun-loving girl, I went along for countless rides through the mud, forest, and rock terrain that is rock crawling. Now, I send him on his merry way to the woods as I hit the mall! 🙂

Believe me, it is nothing that your imagining. There are no picnics or vigorous hikes involved. It’s machine meets nature in a clash of the Titan’s style rumble! At first, being the city girl I am, I thought “wow, this is pretty damn boring.” “What is the point of this?” But now, I am a convert. I see the glee in his eye as he describes to me their adventures of climbing over rocks, rolling over, breaking axles and beating the competition and making it out alive. And I think, there are worse things they could be doing.

So here ladies, is a clip from the latest race my hubby’s team was a part of. This is the pro-level of rock-racing, amateurs need not apply. But they all started this as a hobby, sometime ago, back when they were teenagers looking for something to do on the weekends.

This is the actual team rig that my husband pits for…

Back home, this kind of thing happens on a Friday night with a group of guys in big, modified Jeeps or Samuri’s, usually not going quite as fast but with the same idea. So please enjoy a little bit of boondock life! And yes, it really is this ridiculous!


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