“Those summer nights”

Here I am. The end of soggy Saturday, and I realize that two days really isn’t long enough for a weekend! I need more time!

So while the hubby was away this week, playing with his rock crawling buddies, I have been a busy bee doing some painting at home. Mission: paint mudroom, paint woodwork and cabinet in bathroom. Mission accomplished! 🙂 With help of my best bud Becca, who graciously spent Friday finishing mission bathroom, I was able to spend my Friday night and Saturday morning painting my mudroom. Now lets see if it’ll pass picky-carpenter-pants husband’s approval! Survey says…?

While waiting for my mudroom to dry, I spent my mid-day helping Petite Flower and L. Acee search for new vehicles. How I love the smell of commerce in the afternoon! I forgot how powerful a new car smell really is and how easily swayed I can be to start imagining myself in a brand new..something, anything 😉 Actually I am nothing but pleased with my own little three-year old vehicle, but it was fun to play. Ahh, the joys of purchasing a new car, thanks for letting me live vicariously ladies!



3 thoughts on ““Those summer nights”

  1. Wow! Burning the midnight oil! Glad we added to your colorful day in the world of Bachelorette Betty:) Tons of fun test driving the Nissans and taking our collective wisdom to the car dealers!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to help with the whole car shopping thing. You and L.Acee made the vile task actually fun, especially the test drives! You’re a true pal. Got a big chunk of painting done today too!

  3. Madam recommends the “Ford Flex”. It’s hot, in a “I’m so not a minivan sort of way”. Plus the ecoboost engine is the shiznits right there. Just sayin.

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